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> History

Founded in the mid 1972, Texas has overcome many stages to evolve from an individual firm to its current status. iIt was led in this path by the great will and effort of its founder, who challenged all difficulties and prejudices in order to sow the seed of an industrial complex in the Brazilian Northeast. Learn more


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> Biomass.

Biomass had a 31% share in the Brazilian energy matrix in 2010, with 17.7% sugar cane products, 9.5% wood and 3.8% other residues. Learn more


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> Backpressure - SERIES TX-ME

This line of action machines is made up of multistage turbines with power up to 4,000 HP, working condition of up to 45 BAR of admission steam, 450 ºC of temperature, and 3 BAR of steam output, of counterpressure, multistage and multivalve. Learn more


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> Steam turbines

Transformation of single-stage steam Turbines - already existing and in service, and regardless of brand or nationality - into Multistage Turbine, thereby optimizing the steam consumption in around 25%. Learn more

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